Andreas Nemec

Public Sector Consultant,
Andreas Nemec Public Sector Consulting

Characteristics of Centralised Public Procurement


Special Field of Expertise

Andreas Nemec works as a public sector consultant. Up to 2020 he was the Managing Director of the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency (BBG) since its establishment in 2001.

Previously, he occupied various top management positions in private companies. He was general manager for vending business at Leipnik Lundenburger Inc. for several years and a member of the board at the AGRANA International group. Both companies were listed on the Vienna Stock Ex-change.

Before that, Andreas was Head of Controlling and Accounting for the video recording division of Philips Austria Ltd. and Head of Finance, Controlling and Accounting for Philips Video Hungary. He has experience of working with the public sector through his involvement in the Federation of Austrian Industry and as consultant and trainer for the Government of Lower Austria.


Managing Director of BBG (Federal Procurement Agency of Austria)

Andreas Nemec joined BBG from the very beginning in 2001 and continuously manged this CPB till 2020, when he retired. He developed this CPB from a procurement organisation for the federal government to a public procurement provider for the public sector of Austria. He focused on the one hand on strategical and organisational requirements to reach BBG´s goal as a self-financed company by the income for its service and on the other hand to digitise the procurement workflow in pre- and post-award.


AN Public Sector Consulting:

After his retirement as managing director of BBG Andreas NEMEC started his own consulting business focused on public sector for optimizing organisational structure, organisational workflow and public procurement. His consulting is national and international. He brings his expertise and experience to EU funded projects for setting up and optimizing central procurement bodies.


Formal Education and Career History

  • Master of Economics at the University of Vienna
  • Attendance of Study programmes at the University of Zürich and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung