Barbara Zirbs

Head of Tendering Management,
Bundesbeschaffung GmbH

Professional Management of the Tendering Phase


Special Field of Expertise

Responsible for the management of tendering processes, from publishing tenders to contract conclusion. Her focus in daily business lies in the standardization and control of the purchasing and tendering process. Optimization of the tendering phase to ensure a non-discriminatory, equal and transparent procurement procedure. Developing workflows and processes which improve the tendering phase and enable the translation of public procurement law into every day’s practice. Continuous improvement of the bidder training and support to improve the quality of bids and enable an efficient tendering process. In 2020 and 2021 management of projects to combat the Sars-CoV2 pandemic. She acts as a lecturer for the BBG’s Public Procurement Academy.


Formal Education and Career History

  • Master of Law; University of Vienna
  • Several years of experience in public and private procurement