Effective Tender & Contract Strategies

SpeakerMr Jonke (BBG),
Mr Suchenko (BBG)
Duration16 hours

Learning Objectives

After completing the module, the participants will be able to …

  • create tender and contract strategies to ensure fulfilment of customer demand at the best cost-benefit ratio.
  • efficiently implement tender and contract strategies.
  • implement socio-political objectives in tender strategies.
  • conduct structured needs assessment.
  • conduct supplier market/product/service analysis as well as the evaluation of relevant parameters such as TCO, cost drivers, supply and value chains, entire supply structure and structure of subcontractors, potential substitutes, aspects of innovation.
  • find a balance between the needs of customers and the conditions of the market in order to ensure a broad competition and especially taking into account the special situation of SMEs.
  • develop parameters for tender specifications and accounting policies as a derivation from  the results of needs and market analysis.