Gerhard Weiner

Head of the Sustainable Public Procurement Platform Austria
Bundesbeschaffung GmbH

Sustainable Public Procurement in Practice


Special Field of Expertise

  • Programme management
    Development and implementation of programmes to achieve the strategic goals of sustainable procurement in the public sector. This includes the creation of management systems to establish sustainability criteria in the federal administration.
  • Sustainability management
    Development of environmental management systems in public sector organisations along established policies, guidelines, and regulations
  • Project management
    Development and support of (innovative) procurement projects with stakeholders at home and abroad. Partly using funding regimes.
  • Stakeholder management
  • Support and assistance for intermediaries, customers, and suppliers along the public procurement process to promote sustainability. Participation in committees, jury boards and panels for the further development of sustainable procurement.
  • Event management
  • Organisation of events, working groups and trainings for buyers and procurers as well as decision-makers, including train-the-trainer concepts.

Formal Education and Career History

  • Higher Federal Technical School and Research Institute for Electronic Data Processing and Organisation, after three years of professional practice award of the professional title of Engineer for Business Informatics
  • Diploma studies in social and economic sciences, specialisations: empirical social research, private and public law and business administration
    (2005: Award of the academic title Magister rerum socialium oeconomicarumque)
  • Doctoral studies in social and economic sciences, specialising in economic sociology
    (2008: Award of the academic title Doctor rerum socialium oeconomicarumque)
  • 9 years of activity in an umbrella organisation of applied research institutions, 7 of which in management. Main focus: Sustainable construction, sustainable materials and processes, food quality and renewable energies.
  • At the BBG since 2018
  • Initially as project manager for sustainable procurement
  • Since 2019: Head of the Sustainable Public Procurement Platform Austria
  • Since 2020: (additional) Head of the “Austria eats regionally” Forum