Introduction to Public Procurement

SpeakerProf. Leixnering (WU)
(part 1; 2 hours),
Ms Mitea (BBG) & Mr Matas (Public Procurement Directorate, Ministry for Public Administration Slovenia)
(part 2; 2 hours),
Ms Mitea & Mr Matas
(part 3; 2 hours),
Mr Locatelli (European Commission)
(part 4: 2 hours),
Duration8 hours

Learning Objectives

After completing the module, the participants will be able to explain…

  • the principles of organizing and managing public procurement as parts of wider public-sector reform activities
  • the basic principles of public procurement
  • the current EU policies related to public procurement
  • the main challenges related to the practical implementation of these policies
  • the decision-making process in EU institutions
  • the EU Commission commitments for 2018 actions in the field of public procurement 
  • the OECD’s principles in public procurement and use them as a tool for assessing their countries public procurement system