Katharina Ebner

Consulting and International Affairs 
Bundesbeschaffung GmbH                                                                                                                                            


Special Field of Expertise

Katharina has a broad experience in various fields of procurement and many industries. She has a crucial part in setting up and implementing BBG’s in-house Onboarding and Certificate Corse, set up in close cooperation with TÜV AUSTRIA. She has considerable knowledge in implementing EU projects and is part of the PPE project team responsible for the delivery and implementation of the PPE programme, covering the fields of Project Management and Controlling, Process Management, Trainer and Content Management.

Katharina is also actively involved in national and international e-procurement projects, creating and delivering tailormade training concepts. She also acts as a trainer at the Austrian Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) for professional adult education in the field of Purchasing.

Prior to joining BBG she was working in Austria, Germany and Romania as a consultant for the optimisation of purchasing costs and supply chain management.


Educational Background and Career History

  • Bachelor’s degree in international Logistics Management
  • Management Consulting for Purchasing Cost Optimisation & Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management, Consulting and International Affairs in the Public Procurement Sector
  • Trainer in adult education with a focus on Procurement