Kristina Weißenböck

Tender Manager,
Bundesbeschaffung GmbH

Professional Management of the Tendering Phase


Special Field of Expertise

  • Responsible for a wide range of media and consulting as well as mobility tenders
  • Management of the tendering process, from publishing tenders to the review and evaluation of incoming bids and the finalization of contracts
  • Optimization of the tendering phase to ensure a non-discriminatory, equal and transparent procurement procedure
  • Developing workflows and processes which improve the tendering phase and enable the translation of public procurement law into every day’s practice
  • Continuous improvement of the bidder training and support to improve the quality of bids and enable an efficient tendering process
  • In 2020 and 2021 management of tenders for medical equipment and supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Formal Education and Career History

  • Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and Business Law, University of Vienna
  • Bachelor´s degree in Production and Logistics, University of Vienna
  • Several years of experience in public and private procurement