Module 10: Business Economics for Public Procurement

SpeakerProf. Fuhrmann (WU)Date15 November 2021
16 November 2021
17 November 2021
18 November 2021
Duration16 hoursLocationZoom

Learning Objectives

After completing the module, the participants will be able to …

  • analyse material submitted by suppliers in order to evaluate their business performance and their ability to fulfil a contract.
  • analyse the information provided in a tender, especially business indicators found in suppliers‘ annual reports
  • understand the business processes that are needed to fulfil a contract as participants will learn how to determine various resources (and their costs) caused by these processes.
  • analyse the reliability of suppliers (using various sources of legal and business information)
  • analyse annual reports
  • understand balance sheets and profit & loss statements
  • calculate and interpret various performance indicators (liquidity, financial stability, profitability)
  • understand the concept of risk and the principles of risk management