optional Module: Train-the-Trainer for Participants

Overall Objectives of the Module


Trainer Profile


Public Procurement Excellence

Senior Lecturer
Business Education
WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” (M. van Doren)

Professional Background

Current Position:

  • Senior lecturer, Business Education, WU Vienna

Career History:

  • Austrian Academy for Executives: Division Manager (Human Resources, Organisation, Finance, Accounting, Banks, Insurances, Energy Management)
  • Pedagogical Manager of University Study Course (Business Administration and Communication)
  • Teacher at higher vocational schools
  • Expert in training teachers, adults education, and at Universities of Applied Sciences

Educational Background

  • Doctoral studies at WU Vienna
  • Degree Programme in Business Education at WU Vienna

Trainer Profile

Alexandra LEON

Project Leader
Public Procurement Excellence

Senior Consultant
Department of Consulting, E-Procurement & International Affairs
Bundesbeschaffung GmbH (BBG), Austria


Professional Experience

Current Position:

Project Leader for the Public Procurement Excellence Programme – responsible for design and implementation.

Employment History:

15 years of professional experience in the public sector, in the Ministry of Finance and the Austrian Central Purchasing Body (BBG).

Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development (BBG), more than 10 years of professional experience in human resources in the field of public procurement. Development and implementation of HR strategies and initiatives support of business needs through professional development and training programmes, performance management systems, and compensation and benefits programmes.

Expert in human resources with a special focus on personnel development and compensation management programmes. Responsible for the conceptual design of individual and organisational training programmes such as the BBG’s in-house Public Procurement Academy (PPA). The focus of the PPA is on imparting theoretical and practical knowledge specific to the field of centralised public procurement. The BBG staff is trained to ensure quality, value for money, and fairness throughout the procurement process from the preparation of calls for tenders and needs assessments, application of market knowledge, to contract management.

Development and implementation of a train-the-trainer concept for BBG in-house experts.

Federal Ministry of Finance, working in the cabinet of the Austrian Finance Minister.

Educational Background of the Trainer

  • Master’s in Educational and Political Science
  • Diploma in Human Resource Development
  • Certificate of Advanced Human Resources Management