Performance Management

SpeakerProf. Zihr (WU)
Duration4 hours

Learning Objectives

After completing the module, the participants will be able to …

  • explain which criteria determine success for a business and the importance of controlling (performance management).
  • explain the performance management process and the significance of the individual process steps in relation to the company’s success.
  • explain the difficulties in measuring performance in non-profit and public organisation.
  • explain the difference between productivity and profitability and give practical examples.
  • use financial KPIs to manage profitability, efficiency, liquidity and financial gearing.
  • explain the importance of non-financial measures of performance.
  • Use non-financial KPIs to manage processes and the supply chain, customer relation, employee relation and corporate social responsibility.
  • explain the concept of the balanced scorecard.
  • explain the “impact model” and its impact dimensions.
  • develop an impact model for a particular business.