Public Procurement Excellence Programme

The third edition of the comprehensive training programme for public procurement professionals has officially come to an end with the Closing Conference and Graduation Ceremony on 31 March 2023 in Vienna. We want to thank the trainers and our project partners for their contribution towards the successful completion of the PPE 2022 Programme.

Public procurement is more relevant than ever to provide security of supply for critical products and services as well as flexibility in reacting to new conditions. The increasing importance of the field leads to rising demands on public procurement practitioners. To enhance and support professionalisation of public buyers, the European Commission has published recommendations for Member States to ensure that public buyers have the necessary business skills, technical knowledge and procedural understanding.

Public Procurement Excellence is a programme initiated and funded by the European Commission with the purpose of promoting the professionalisation of public procurement practitioners and establishing a sustainable Alumni Network among the participants.  Following a call for proposals and a corresponding open tender procedure, the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency (BBG) and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) are delighted to jointly implement the PUBLIC PROCUREMENT EXCELLENCE PROGRAMME. 

Offering a unique combination of an academic and a practical approach the programme provides state-of-the art knowledge, tools and methods for modern public procurement, including policy objectives like SME-friendly, green and innovative procurement.

For further details on the programme and training schedule please visit the Programme or refer to the programme folder.

Since the launch of the programme in 2018 more than 60 public procurement practicioners from over 20 countries have successfully participated in the programme. The two videos with Alumni from the first and second edition of the training programme sharing their experience give an impression of what to expect when enrolling in the programme:

For any questions on the programme please contact the PPE project team via