Strengthen the professionalism of public buyers working for Central Purchasing Bodies (CPBs) to ensure

❖ effective procurement policies and practices

❖ the best value for money in all procurement activities

❖ fostering of the implementation of political objectives

  • to foster SME’s access to public procurement markets
  • to encourage environmental and social sustainability
  • to promote Innovation
  • ❖ and an open, transparent, and compliant process

    This is aligned with the recommendations of the European Commission on the professionalisation of public procurement. It will help public procurement practitioners across Europe to face the challenges of their daily Business.

    ❖ PPE takes into consideration a broad range of subjects from EU law to economic perspectives, strategic procurement methods, technical know-how, and socio-political factors crucial for the professional design of calls for tenders

    ❖ Participants learn how to manage and integrate the core knowledge, skills, and methods of modern public procurement in their daily work routine and

    ❖ ultimately contribute to an innovative, sustainable, competitive, and compliant public procurement.

    Public procurement practitioners from newly or still to be established Central Purchasing Bodies (CPBs) in the European Union and COSME 3rd countries. But applications from longstanding CPBs from all European Member States are also welcome.

  • Officials from national bodies in charge of public procurement policies and their implementation
  • Young professionals with 2 – 3 years of work experience in the field of public procurement
  • ❖ Professionals looking to build a solid basis for a career in public procurement

    The BBG’s cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) allows us to offer expert teaching that combines theoretical understanding with practical experience in modern public procurement.

    PPE will be conducted using a highly participative training delivery methodology, combining a variety of methods, for example presentations, discussions, group work, case studies, business simulation games, business projects, collaborative learning, e-learning, and self study.

    ❖ Teaching days: Monday–Saturday in Vienna, Austria

    ❖ Teaching venue for on-site training:
    Bundesbeschaffung GmbH, Lassallestraße 9b, 1020 Vienna, Austria

    ❖ Teaching language: English

    ❖ Certificate from WU Executive Academy

    ❖ Degree: Certified Public Procurement Expert (30 ECTS)

    To graduate successfully, participants will be required to:

    ❖ Demonstrate an individual learning progression in the relevant competency areas

    ❖ Satisfy the attendance requirements. Only participants with at least 90% attendance rate will be entitled to apply for the certificate

    ❖ Participate in study groups, which will have a focus on exchanging practical experiences and working on business Projects

    ❖ Carry out a business project (group work)

    ❖ Present the business project at the graduation ceremony