Public Procurement Excellence

To support public purchasers and their ability to procure professionally at the highest standards the European Commission invited tenders for the design and implementation of a training course in 2017. The contract was awarded to BBG, the Austrian Federal Procurement Agency and the Vienna University of Economics and Business, who jointly developed a course concept, the Public Procurement Excellence Programme.

The first Europe-wide training programme of its kind, which is exclusively aimed at public buyers of central procurement organizations, started its first round of training in September 2018. Since then, participants from 18 EU- and 7 COSME countries have participated in a total of three training rounds. 56 organisations have sent their public procurement professionals to join in the programme, showing the wide-reaching appeal of the PPE for the European public sector.

To ensure that the impact of the initiative is sustained beyond the participation in the programme, the participants have the chance to join an Alumni Network, allowing them to stay connected with each other and have the chance to continue the exchange of experience, know-how, and best practice.