Ivo Locatelli

Head of Strategic Procurement,
European Commission, DG GROW

Introduction to Public Procurement


Special Field of Expertise

In 2012 Ivo Locatelli moved to DG GROW (Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) to join the unit in charge of innovative and e-procurement. As team leader of the e-procurement and cooperative procurement teams, he contributed to shape policy and initiatives in these areas. With regard to cooperative procurement, he is in charge of the training course for SMEs-friendly policies in central purchasing bodies and the feasibility study on implementation of joint cross-border procurement procedures in the EU.


Formal Education and Career History

He graduated from the University of Rome in 1989 and started his professional career as economic researcher supporting the preparation of Structural Funds for the Italian regions, then moved to the research department of the Italian business trade association Confindustria for a traineeship. Since joining the European Commission in 1991, Ivo Locatelli has worked in several departments. In DG Enterprise, he worked for the unit in charge of industrial cooperation, managing a project of industrial cooperation between European and Japanese ICT industry and relations with Japan. In DG Information Society and Media, first, he worked in the team in charge of the implementation of the liberalisation of telecoms sector; then, he took part in the negotiation of electronic communications of 2009. He also worked in the international relations unit (as Member of the Euromed Group of Telecoms Regulators), and then in the eHealth unit. Between 2018 and 2019, he moved to the unit dealing with European Semester and Member States Competitiveness. He then returned to public procurement unit, where he leads the team dealing with policy of strategic procurement.